Artwork by Elena Martino

Turning moments into art

Below is a selection of my work. Clicking on an image will open a new window with a more detailed version of the picture.

"Sea Breeze."

Acrylic on 24x24 canvas.

 $ 1,600


Acrylic on 30x24 canvas.

Photo ref: Ainslie Gilles-Patel.



Acrylic on 24x18 canvas.

Photo ref: Karen Broemmelsick


"On The Lookout."

Acrylic on 18x14 canvas.



Acrylic on 19x12 canvas.


"Morning Gossip."

Acrylic on 24x12.


"Light Into The Darkness."

Acrylic on 24x18 canvas.


"Calm Before The Storm."

Acrylic on 16x16 canvas.

Photo ref: Kymberlee Edwards


"Mirror Finish."

Acrylic on 24x18 canvas.

Photo ref: Michaela Bogeanu



Acrylic on 20x16 canvas.


"Journey's End."

Acrylic on 20x16 canvas.


"In The Moment."

Acrylic on 24x18 canvas.


"Golden Sunset."

Acrylic on 20x20 canvas.

Photo ref: Karina Sturm


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"Blithe Spirit."

Acrylic on 24x24 canvas.

Photo ref:  Ainslie Gilles-Patel.


"Power Struggle."

Acrylic on 24x20 canvas.


"Purple Twilight."

Acrylics on 16x12 canvas.


"Eternal Light."

Acrylics on 20x16 canvas.

$ 960

"Radiant Peace."

Acrylics on 20x20 canvas.

$ 1,200